Back to Basics with The Crazy Dog Lady

Take Control and Enjoy Your Dog!



The key to all of my training is the relationship with the dog and laying the foundation and leadership …this must happen before we can succeed at any other area of training and instilling proper behaviors.

I will help YOU understand dog behavior, which will then aid you in understanding how to train your dog.

I focus on the teamwork between you and your dog, creating a strong relationship that brings happiness for many years to come.

We do this with fun play, positive reinforcement, calm control and a wide variety of exercises!

I work on every day obedience for every day life for every day people!


Take control…

and enjoy your dog!

Happy New Year!


2013 was a crazy year for me. I no longer live in Britt and am taking a much needed break. I cannot say how long it will be, but feel free to check in periodically.


To my current and past clients, don’t worry, I am still here for you—questions, etc. Click on the email link above and I’ll do the best that I can to help!


If and when I hold classes or seminars again, I will post updates here and via email to all those in my contact list.


Take care and take control - enjoy your dog!


Judy, Rooster and Foxy Too!